Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Harry the K - LA + Wheels = Blah

According to Paul Hagen in today's Daily News, Larry Andersen (who in the opinion of many has developed a good on-air rapport with Harry Kalas) will be moved to radio coverage and will no longer be part of the TV crew. Andersen will be replaced by Chris Wheeler, who will pair with Kalas for the first and last three innings. Since Kalas and Wheeler get along professionally but have a frosty off-air relationship, speculation has begun on whether the Phils are nudging Kalas toward retirement after 2006. An unpleasant work environment would be one step in that direction.

Mind you, this is a trial balloon. But also keep in mind teams are increasingly punishing critical broadcasters (Steve Stone with the Cubs and Jon Miller with the Orioles come to mind. Stone stayed with the Cubs, but Miller was not offered a new contract by owner Peter Angelos several years ago, after Angelos questioned Miller's critical comments about Orioles players, plus Miller's take on umpire calls that benefited the team but appeared to be incorrect.)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not-so-Super Bowl

The refs made some borderline calls. The Seahawks had poor clock management and dropped balls that could have helped. The Steelers played poorly but had enough big plays to win. Big Ben did NOT score on one of those big plays.