Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ESPN 950 goes FM; Steve Phillips can't keep it in his pants

ESPN 950 is now simulcast on 97.5 FM. Or vice versa, depending on your perspective. Their website (and advertising around Philly) now bills the station as 97.5 The Fanatic, Philly's first FM sports station. There's a podcast link from the midday show from Tuesday with Harry Mayes and Tony Bruno speaking with...

Steve Phillips, who popped up in the news today due to his suspension from ESPN and leave of absence over a tangled "fatal attraction" affair with a 22-year old ESPN production assistant.

The letter Brooke Hundley dropped off at Casa Phillips for Marni Phillips to read included (besides a vivid description of the ESPN analyst's genital area birthmarks), this gem:
"Whether he chooses to stay in a loveless marriage for his kids or to move on and be with someone whom he says makes him feel better than he's ever felt, it's up to him..."
Bizarro-world aspects of the affair apparently included Hundley pretending to be a high school student to insinuate herself with Phillips's high school-aged son, her inclusion of her cell phone number in the letter so Marni Phillips could discuss matters with her, and apparently a voicemail that said "I care about Steve and make him happy and we both can't have him."

No reports of boiling rabbits yet, but damn! Considering Phillips was sued for sexual harassment while GM of the Mets in the late 90's, you'd think he'd stay clear of extra-marital kitty. Wrong. Update from Captain Obvious: Marni Phillips has filed for divorce. Just stupid, stupid, stupid.

Sean May's diet and babysitting needs

It's almost NBA time. Over the summer, I looked up Sean May's page on Yahoo while settling a debate over who had more players on NBA rosters last season - Duke or UNC. It was Duke, by the way.

Sean's page conservatively listed his weight at 266 lbs and had the following sponsored links:

In July:
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Hmmmmmm. I smell a message or two here.