Saturday, November 25, 2006

Duke Men's B-ball: A Down Year

This past week on "Around the Horn," two panelists were asked if Duke's loss to Marquette was a big deal. For me, not really. I'm sure X-Man is delighted (Temple fan), but this year's Duke team is Duke only because of the name on the front of the jerseys.

Duke shot 38% and had 16 turnovers, and were out-rebounded 29-28. Not going to win too many games with those stats.

Let's see - they start two forwards and three guards. The only guys with any muscle appear to be McRoberts and Nelson. Paulus is still slow, recovering from his ankle injury, and as a result, he's going to have a bundle of TO's. Thomas looks pretty good, but like Henderson and Scheyer, he looks really thin. Carolina is going to eat these guys for lunch. We're looking at 9-11 losses this year, and they're lucky they have Duke on their jerseys to squeak into the NCAA field.


UNC 45, Duke 44

Double ugh. Duke just finds ways to lose. This time, a blocked extra point (kicking hasn't really been a point for this time, has it?). The good thing is, no more losses this year.

Season record: 0-12. ACC record: 0-8.

Georgia Tech 49, Duke 21


Next loss: November 25 vs. UNC

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boston College 28, Duke 7

Ugh x 2. Even Temple and Stanford have 1 win each. Duke's down with Florida International now.

Next loss: at Georgia Tech, November 18.

Navy 38, Duke 13

Ugh. Next loss: at Boston College, November 11.