Monday, February 16, 2009

Duke digs deeper, finds nothing

Duke's going downhill fast. How fast? The Devils have lost 4 of their last 6 and clearly aren't competitive in the ACC right now. After losing to Boston College on Sunday, Duke is 7-4 in conference, 20-4 overall. And a weak 20 wins at that. They have no inside game, no dominating players other than Kyle Singler (sorry GH), have huge spells where they can't buy a bucket outside, and suddenly can't play D (BC shot 59%). To us, that spells NCAA 2nd round exit. Again.
-P, X

And 1:
Guess Coach K doesn't care since he has a lifetime contract. As one of my co-workers said, "Coach K was picked to coach Team USA because he can see what the team needs to get better. So why can't he do that with his own team? They should fire all the coaches who coach the guards, 'cause they are getting nothing out of the backcourt right now."

And 2:
Why isn't Miles Plumlee playing? Every game Brian Zoubek plays, a month is taken off Plumlee's NBA career.